Sunday, March 26, 2006

last week of language class

then a break. lotsa people are going to poland, so i need to find something to do over the week and a half break. maybe i can latch on to someone else's trip. i think a few people are looking into tunisia. warm weather sounds so nice. the weather here is classic portland weather--50s and light rain all day. feels like home again. wish it would feel like SC weather. pix to come soon, forgot my camera today.

I found a Thai-Viet grocery in charlottenburg (former West Berlin)! Felt like coming home, with a Thai lunch place in the back. The Pad Thai isn't that great there, but it's a step up from currywurst. Going to try a Fruehlings Roll recipe Loan made for my family once.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

leave comments and stuff

or there won't be any more pictures or something does anyone read this?

Tomorrow I'm going to the US embassy to watch a live feed of a soccer game between the US and German national teams. I think most people here are going to cheer for Germany. Amis are a strange bunch.

Monday, March 20, 2006

USD 80 later...

RIP PA-9 6G356 (my notebook's power adapter)

Your cord had been behaving erratically in your final days, not delivering the stream, as the Germans say, to my notebook. In frustration I pulled on the frayed connection and observed your desperate final flashes of light and the sad puff of smoke as your life left you.

But, a successor has been selected and is currently en route from the US. My iPod will have its battery in full form soon enough.

Enough stupid extended metaphors, jeez I go to the bars a lot. Saw a flea market in the Tiergarten, got a CD for €10 (too much). Went to KaDeWe, pretty nifty. Jaegermeister for €10, Glenfiddich for €20. Gotta mind my Ps and Qs with the booze, as it's also a drain on the wallet. Will I have any money left when I get home? Probably. Hopefully.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Free wireless get!--and only two stops from home. Except it opens at 10am here--1 am there. What a cool week so far. I love the bars. Koestrizer Schwarzbier bitte! Basically anyone in the service industry speaks English, so the transactions run:
"Ich brauche/moechte das oder das"
"Your fly iz down"


Pankow Bahnhof, my gateway to Berlin. Pankow is dull and there's nothing to do there except drink Becks and eat Doener (pita with some sort of meat shaved off of a meter-long spindle).

The street where IES is. Es ibt ein paar coole Platze in der Nahe von IES. The Zentrum Judiacum--a museum in a beautiful old synagogue--is right around the corner (I think).

The Strassenbahn, oder das Tram. Pretty nice, like a streetcar. A good supplement to the fantastic U-and S-Bahn system. This is right in front of my apartment.

obligatory myspace pic

Pankowkirche. Pretty, especially with the snow. But loud. And right. outside. my. window.

Mein Bett! It's on a really cool loft.

Directly beneath my bed. The TV barely works. The couch is comfy. I don't really spend much time here, but I would die if I could get a place like this in LA.

The time works out so that this damn cafe opens at 1am your time and all you old ladies go to bed before then (or are out on a friday night maybe).

Bis spaeter

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Morning Eins

Finally made it to Berlin, one day later than expected. No internet at my apartment D= how can a person live like that? Plenty of free wifi to be found, though, so no worries. My host is an unemployed dude who looks kind of like me, has a live-in girlfriend (she has a 7 year old son) and is a keeper of DDR-Lore. My room is amazingly huge, has an awesome lofted bed and a cool view of former East Berlin. Pics to come later.

Monday, March 06, 2006

My first night in Germany is in...Outback Steakhouse

Snowy weather in Chicago caused my flight there to be pushed back, so I missed the connection to Munich. Had to stay in a hotel in Chicago overnight, and I ate at the Outback Steakhouse downstairs. It was packed with teenagers and packs of drunk 40 year old women. Stayed in, chatted with friends and family online, and went to the airport after my parents created a sufficient amount of paranoia regarding the whereabouts of my suitcase. It's on its way to Berlin. I'm heading out to the airport to wait for my flight to Frankfurt. Brokeback Mountain won for Best Director.