Saturday, March 11, 2006


Free wireless get!--and only two stops from home. Except it opens at 10am here--1 am there. What a cool week so far. I love the bars. Koestrizer Schwarzbier bitte! Basically anyone in the service industry speaks English, so the transactions run:
"Ich brauche/moechte das oder das"
"Your fly iz down"


Pankow Bahnhof, my gateway to Berlin. Pankow is dull and there's nothing to do there except drink Becks and eat Doener (pita with some sort of meat shaved off of a meter-long spindle).

The street where IES is. Es ibt ein paar coole Platze in der Nahe von IES. The Zentrum Judiacum--a museum in a beautiful old synagogue--is right around the corner (I think).

The Strassenbahn, oder das Tram. Pretty nice, like a streetcar. A good supplement to the fantastic U-and S-Bahn system. This is right in front of my apartment.

obligatory myspace pic

Pankowkirche. Pretty, especially with the snow. But loud. And right. outside. my. window.

Mein Bett! It's on a really cool loft.

Directly beneath my bed. The TV barely works. The couch is comfy. I don't really spend much time here, but I would die if I could get a place like this in LA.

The time works out so that this damn cafe opens at 1am your time and all you old ladies go to bed before then (or are out on a friday night maybe).

Bis spaeter


Blogger Emma Cunningham said...

OMG. You so totally have Nathan's host. His name is Wolfgang, right?

Blogger andy said...

yeah, wolfgang maertins


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