Sunday, April 09, 2006

Tallin, Terrorism, and Tactical Nukes

Hang down your head for sorrow, hang down your for me
Hang down your tomorrow, hang down your head Marie

Saw V for Vendetta last night--amazing. Spooky too, with all the wild predictions of the near future. Highly reccommended for orgasmic explosions and Wachowski imagery. Probably already out of the American theaters, though.

Tallinn, Estonia was tiny and pretty. I stayed in the old town in a hostel with a friend from the study abroad program. Thing is, Tallinn has the most well preserved old town, so there were beautiful cathedrals, completely intact city walls and turret towers, windy narrow cobblestone streets and huge ornate doors. We almost went to Helsinki but we missed the boat.

I got a Cuban cigar (Cohiba) there for 12 EUR.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Nice to hear about the trip to Estonia. I understand that the Estonians are the most educated people in the world (per Mr. Hellman). Take care and hope you have a great first week at the University.


Blogger Emma Cunningham said...

I read your letter to the DT yesterday and was terribly pleased. Good work.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you had a nice trip to Estonia, and I hope classes at Humboldt are going well. I may be able to come visit you after June 12th, but until then I have finals/class/LSATs. Also, your letter to the DT was sehr gut. But, such a change from your anti-immigration days in 326 ;)



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