Sunday, May 07, 2006


Here we go!

The Frank Zappa Cafe in Budapest, near the hostel.

In the Tiergarten in Berlin.

Hey look it's a CLOUD

New haircut. Same Grease.

My friends sometimes get drunk.

This guy is jumping from a cliff. With a parachute!

Cynical comment. Actually, I love these two people very much. On the left is Stephan, an American-German-American, and on the right is Katrina, who is usually an important part of any sort of gemuetlichkeit.

Olympia Stadion, the Nazi Sport Palace.

The Hungarian Parliament, designed to look like the British Parliament. Blow it up, V!

Hostels are awesome.

I guess it's some shoes by the Danube.


Who doesn't love ridiculous Warsaw Pact automobiles?

What can I say? Berlin continues to surprise and delight. Wannsee, a lake in southwest Berlin, has a wonderful beach where I chilled out for 5 hours, naked. Wannsee is also the part of Berlin where the Nazis hammered out the details of the Final Solution. One cannot escape the tormented history of this place. The Holocaust Memorial in Berlin Mitte is a strange grid of black blocks rising up from an uneven floor, and Berliners jump around and play on and through it. It is such an incredible way to highlight the point that life, death, guilt, innocence, past, present, joy, and evil are always twisting around one another in an endless chase. I am amazed.

Saw two Fussball games, each played by the local team, Hertha BSC. Hertha is an average team, and lost the first 5-1, and won the next 4-2, which was an upset against the number 2 team, Hamburg. My good friend, Katrina, cheered for Hamburg.

We went to an exhibit called Melancholie, which felt like reading a Thematic Option Writing Class Symposium paper--in other words, amatuerish and laughable. However, the works on display were beautiful and fascinating, so the gallery is halfway forgiven. Saw a Max Ernst, a Hieronymus Bosch, lots from Duerer, an old copy of Dante's Inferno, and some old shit that they clearly just threw in there because it was lying around in the basement--for example, a stupid-ass stuffed bat.

Alrighty, enough. The downtempo beats of this cafe are inducing dangerous levels of chill. Peace.


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