Sunday, June 04, 2006

never was much of a journal writer...

well, well, almost a month!

umm, zusammenverfassung:

midterms, came back with a B+ and two As.

berlin fun sort of slowing into a livable routine. strange confrontations with host over misunderstandings, but today a nice chat with him over white tea. he will be in italy for most of july, so I can do anything in the apartment than can be restored by the time he gets back.

meeting more american students in my program, and hardly any germans...but that's okay because americans can be way way cool, such as the individuals I am beginning kennenzulernen through the mural project in my art class. We are a group of five, and three of them are very close girls who have been here since last fall. The other guy is an indie kid through and through, with a nonstop ironic sense of humor. We painted the Tiefgarage wall at IES a Sky blue, and we will paint it over with themes following "The Sky over the City"--we are going to include a Reichstag dome flying through the air, a winged toaster, parachuting eggs, and other such pastiche. Our art teacher reminds of my grandad, and is full of energy for exciting, humorous, and orginal things and concepts--a perfect art teacher, very fond of American youth and defensive of the Amis, who are accepted in Germany with a strong, strong dose of ambivalence.

No major travel in the past month, but a trip to thunderstorm shaken Dresden, on the beautiful Elbe. Saw Slaughterhouse Five.

Birthday! Drank and drank and danced and gequatscht and smoked hookah and said "Today is my Birthday!" constantly. Good fun, no traditional frat excess.

Only three more weeks of IES classes. The weather has been lamely cloudy and rainy for two weeks. It is a source of collective melancholy, asburdist humor, and Enttaeuschung.

Time is going to quickly, and I will be separated from my beloved U-Bahn and the city it runs through far too soon.


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